Memorializing our Veterans

Our United States Military Veterans are some of our most beloved and well respected Americans. Any individual who has served in any of the five branches of the military and has been discharged honorably or is serving active duty at the time of their passing is eligible for burial benefits such as an American Flag which is presented to the next of kin, military honors at the committal service, a government marker or burial in a National Cemetery.

If one chooses to be laid to rest in one of our country’s National Cemeteries, usually all that needs to be provided is documentation showing that the veteran was honorably discharged (such as a form DD214). In a National Cemetery there is no cost for the veteran and his/her spouse for grave space, a headstone or marker and perpetual care.

If the veteran was to be interred in a cemetery other than a national cemetery, the Veteran’s Administration will provide a government marker. The family may choose between four different styles of markers. Contact your local funeral home for help with the application process.

At Lance Evans Memorials, we consult families on the best type of installation of these markers. Contact us for more information on placement of a government marker or headstone.

A bronze government plaque mounted on the back of an upright granite memorial.

Visit the Veteran’s Administration Website to learn more about burial benefits.

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Bronze Plaque

Flat Granite or Flat Marble

Upright Marble or Upright Granite

Bronze Niche